Alert Diver Magazine
Alert Diver Magazine is a quarterly publication of the Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe. The magazine is published digitally in 18 languages and is internationally recognized as a leading source of information for diving and travel enthusiasts. I redesigned the interior layout (cover remained consistent), and aimed to make the text-heavy articles come to life with playful imagery and stunning underwater photography. Color was a prevalent element in the original design, though its application was not cohesive and it diminished the intensity of the imagery. I sought to use color in a subtle and effective way by applying it only to select details in each “color-coded” section and article. For the 30th anniversary “best of” issue, I went a step further, streamlining the layout by creating a structured guideline.
Client: DAN Europe
Role: Sr. Graphic Designer
Tools: Adobe Indesign, Illustrator
Selected excerpts shown below.